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New Generation Admixture

Admixtures affect the properties of fresh and hardened compact concrete. This influences the values of air-void parameters and frost-resistance referred often to as “air-entrainment!. The new generation of admixture enables concrete density when filled or layered on to a surface.

Awelo’s new concept of admixture brings the advent of water reducing chemical alongside water-reducing and air-entraining chemical concrete technology. Our high-range admixture allows for water-reducing and air-entraining which produces high strength concrete. This new approach also welcomes initial water addition to start the fluent combination.

This new generation of admixture technology develops stable workability for pre-casting concrete.

This new technology of carbon and nano-fibre shelters viscosity that manages the flowing and the lower ability.

Concrete generally consists of ordinary portland cement, which is known as the principal binding agent, coarse aggregates, and fillers such as sand, admixture, and water.  Cementitious materials are characterized by quasi-brittle behaviour and are susceptible to cracking.  The cracking process within concrete begins with isolated nano cracks. 

Reinforcement is required because of the brittle nature of concrete.  Recently the use of microfiber reinforcement has led to signs of improvement in the mechanical properties of cement based materials by delaying the transformation of microcracks into microcracks, but that crack could still grow.

This fact encouraged the use of nano-sized fibre or carbon or others by adding to cement.  The paste was found to improve the mechanical, chemical, and thermal properties of the cementitious matrix.  The compressive strength improved greatly.  Carbon and nanomaterials present a large group of functional materials with exceptional physical properties.

The problem is that handling nanomaterial was almost impossible to handle.  It was like trying to capture smoke.  Fine fibre that small you cannot just throw into a mixture like other fibres or materials.

We have solved that problem.  By blending nano into a special pozzolanic material that is fused to nanomaterial it creates a perfect easy delivery system.  We found many attributes on how our to admix improved with cementitious materials. 

Not only will it disperse almost any other fibres or admix but it makes the admix hold fibres much better and break them up easier in the dry mix.

Our hybrid admix nanocarbon fibres fill capillaries.  The strength and reliability of carbon fibre reinforced cement composites.

The effect of our carbon fibres on mechanical properties of cement paste, cementitious paste matrix, results in a significant improvement in tensile and flexural properties of composites.  The uniaxial tensile strength results are obtained by using the novel cementitious composites axial.

Tensile and flexural properties (3% carbon fibre in cement matrix) results in an increase in uniaxial tensile of 32 to 48 enhancement of flexural. All this makes the lightweight material the perfect building material for walls, floors, etc. Our Advance technology admix and fibres make a superior bonding between cement and lightweight aggregates and fibres of any kind.   



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